Managed IT Services


Our IT Management

Provides delivery with clear understanding of IT Delegation to remove the complexities of technology from your business’s productivity line, helping to improve productivity and profitability.



What is the cost for Managed IT?

A: The cost depends on the business size and what is included in the plan.


What is the time response for Managed IT?

A: We guarantee 60 minutes or less.


Is the service provided by just one person?

A: No, at Lonoto we are a team of over 10.


Do you work on preventing issues?

A: Yes we do. We constantly work on preventing disasters or issues.


Can you do an inspection of my current IT service?

A: We can and we will tell you clearly if your current IT has been fair.


Does Managed IT service provide a dedicated agent?

A: Yes, you will have a primary and a secondary agent assigned to your business.

We Understand

We understand how critical time is to a business. For that reason we make sure to implement the right technology from the ground up, not wasting time reacting to every issue that comes up. This allows us to save time so we can be ready for upcoming IT needs.

Our approach

Our approach has always been to maintain the process of delivering our service with simplicity. At all times, from the communication to the delivery, our service focuses on building a long lasting business relationship with conservative principles. We are a 100% business to business services oriented company capable of delivering a service to exceed the client’s expectations at all times, whether a one-time service or a monthly service.

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