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Lonoto was founded in 2010, but we’ve been in the IT industry since 1999 providing IT service person to person. When Windows 98 at that time and Windows NT was the only tool for many businesses. Lonoto is the result of outstanding service for businesses in South Florida.

We are a company founded with good principles and a clear understanding of the importance of technology in business.



Our team has been trained to have a friendly positive attitude to provide the best support without wasting time. We set our clients to be free of any technical hassle or stress that is generated sometimes by technology. The ongoing process of learning the new technology is something we do as part of our work and we enjoy it very much.


All members of the Lonoto.com staff go through a rigorous selection process before they become part of our team. We take pride in being able to give clients true expertise and professionalism for all of their tech support needs.

All of our tools and resources such as remote support and login areas are encrypted at the highest encryption level to provide the security demanded for today’s technology. This ensures our clients receive the best security practices. Approach We look to provide to our clients a more valuable service, including honesty, simplicity, integrity and setting our client free from the technical hassle. Along with the above-mentioned reasons, this is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

We firmly believe that a valuable service will always lead to 100 % customer satisfaction.

All of that is the reason for us to be here.


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