Top Five reasons

Top Five reasons why Small businesses do not use Professional Designers.

There are several reasons why small businesses sometimes don’t use professional designers. Here are five main possible reasons:


Cost:Many small businesses decide not to hire professional graphic designers because they prejudge that the cost will be very high and that is not true. On the internet there are many professional designers capable of doing a well-crafted job quickly and at a reasonable cost. Whether it is for the elaboration of a logo and printing material or social networks.

We must remember that a graphic designer is a creator who seeks to be respected and reasonably rewarded through his work. Many times the cost can be negotiated especially for start-up businesses because they, the designers, invest in their clients in order to keep this client for various jobs over time, and to nurture their portfolio with new and interesting projects.

Requirements in the reality of your environment:
Small businesses have visions of growing rapidly but these visions, ideas must be organized into priorities and realistically according to the time it takes and the budget you have to send a graphic design group when in reality everything is not necessary at the moment.

Lack of time: Small businesses often have a very high workload and may not have the time to find and hire a professional designer, although if you do your research, you can save time and money in the long run by getting a professional designer because certain image guidelines by the designer, they will be key to all sales or promotional material for the product or service in all print and digital media.


Lack of knowledge:Some small businesses may not be familiar with the process of hiring a professional designer and may not know how to find and select the right one for their needs.


Lack of trust: Small businesses can sometimes have a hard time trusting an outside designer to create important marketing materials.


Self sufficiency: Some small businesses may prefer to do the work themselves or rely on an employee or partner with basic design skills rather than hire a professional designer. This can harm the performance of communication, user experience and sales by not having a professional graphic design service that combines the message with the branding and marketing.